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Colin is a 19 year old boy who fractured his right central incisor playing hockey. A non evasive approach using cosmetic bonding was implemented here over placing a crown; there by preserving tooth structure. The result is both natural and beautiful.

Ameri was dissatisfied with the esthetics of her front teeth. She was unhappy with the chipped, worn appearance on the left side, and found her top teeth looked blotchy, lacking consistency in color. She complained the canines had unfavorable contour. Although she wanted a pleasing smile, she was not interested in cutting down her teeth for veneers or crowns. Cosmetic bonding was conservatively preformed to address the patients concern and create an attractive, natural smile.

Dave presented with peg lateral incisors, which had large interproximal restorations, and the right lateral was quite rotated. Patient was unhappy with the discoloration and crazing of his front teeth with did not respond well to bleaching. 
Veneers were placed to restore the lateral incisors and cosmetic bonding was placed on the central incisors. Symmetry in size, contour and color was achieved.

Karen presented upset with the appearance of the veneers recently placed on her six maxillary anterior teeth by a cosmetic dentist. She indicated she was displeased with the lack of symmetry, particularly with the appearance of the shorter left lateral incisor. Karen felt the restorations did not have a natural appearance and was most distressed by the uncertainty of the restorations, several of which had started to debonded shortly after being placed. Karen’s smile was restored with crowns which achieved beautiful symmetry, esthetics and long term predictability.

Jay presented self-conscious with his smile. He was congenitally missing his lateral incisors and the permanent canines had drifted into their position. The baby canines were decaying. Patients self esteem were affected, finding him reluctant to smile.  The patient’s smile was restored with veneers on his central incisors, and bridges to convert the canines into laterals and replace the missing teeth. Cosmetic bonding was preformed to restore and stabilize his bite. Patient now finds himself with a permanent grin and has regained his self-confidence.

Tony presented with generalized moderate wear on his teeth as a result of a history of grinding his teeth, compounded by high acid consumption. He complained his teeth were sensitive and discolored. Ceramic crowns were used to restore his upper six front teeth and cosmetic bonding was preformed to build up his bite, improve the esthetic contours of his back teeth and improve the alignment and address the wear on his lower front teeth. The rendered treatment resolved the patient’s sensitivity and stabilized his bite.

Kathlyn presented with three front teeth avulsed, wrapped in a napkin as a result of a cheerleading accident. The fourth front tooth was heavily fractured. The patient’s front teeth were re-implanted and then stabilized with orthodontic brackets. The right lateral incisor was restored with a ceramic crown and cosmetic bonding was preformed on the remaining incisors to restore symmetry, contours and esthetic in the least invasive treatment approach.

Edwardo presented with advanced wear of his dentition as a result of a history of grinding his teeth. He complained of resulting sensitive teeth, jaw pain and was unhappy with the aged appearance of his front teeth. He seeked the most effect option of restoring his dentition. Cosmetic bonding was preformed to restore his smile, stabililize his bite and function and address his sensitivity.
Claudio presented with old crowns having unsightly margins on his two central incisors and old bonding on his lateral incisors, which had lost their luster and did not match well with the rest of the dentition. Patient did not like the gray spacing between his front teeth.  Cosmetic bonding was preformed on laterals and new ceramic crowns placed on the central yielding a harmonious result with pleasing esthetics.



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